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Paramount Die Company – COVID-19 Not Causing Supply Interruptions

Paramount Die Company is reporting today that the COVID-19 related restrictions are still not materially impacting Paramount’s ability to supply. Although the COVID-19 situation is changing on a daily basis, Paramount’s very large die inventory should allow uninterrupted supply for 2-6 months of demand. This combined with creative methods for maintaining mission critical raw materials supply, have enabled the continued production and distribution of Paramount products.

Over the last week, Governors of several states have issued business operations limitations, allowing only those businesses deemed to be part of critical industries to continue operations. Many of Paramount’s customers in the Critical Manufacturing and/or Healthcare sectors, have identified Paramount products to be critical to their operations. Therefore, Paramount has determined that as such, these will not impact die production, but these may impact Paramount’s suppliers. One such supplier (A coating supplier) recently announced a temporary facility closure, but this stoppage will have very limited impact on Paramount products.

As this situation continues to change, Paramount will continue to assess/communicate developments and comply with all Federal, State and Local requirements. Although predicting every eventuality of this continuously changing global event is not possible, the company is taking all precautions to maintain supply of high quality wire drawing dies to the global market. Paramount will continue to monitor the situation and will continue to communicate updates, as they become available.

If there are any additional information needs, please visit or contact Paramount directly at or (410)272-4600.