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Carbide Wire
Drawing Inserts

Exchangeable tungsten carbide wire drawing inserts available in a broad spectrum of sizes and diameters.

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Pressure and non-pressure holders available to fit virtually any die box type and wire drawing application.

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PCD Wire Drawing Dies

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) wire drawing dies available for pressure and non-pressure applications.

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Shape Dies - Paramount Die Co. -

Shape Dies

Shape wire drawing dies available in a wide range of shapes and sizes including: flat, octagon, hexagon, oval, rectangle, square, triangle.

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Shaving Peeling Dies

Removes surface Defects while reducing wire failure.

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Carbide Wire Drawing Inserts - Paramount Die Co. -

Bar & Tube Dies

Longer Life. Laser Focused. Leading Industry.

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Wire Drafting (PdDraft)

PdDraft allows you to easily create, save, and manage drafting practices for all of your drawing machines.

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Tools and Accessories

Tools and accessories to improve the efficiency of your wire drawing operation.

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Environmental Responsibility

Once consumed in wire drawing, inserts are fully recycleable and can be returned to Paramount Die for processing. Customers return thousands of kilograms of used inserts each year to be graded, sorted, and transformed to as good as new condition.

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Glossary of Terms

A comprehensive guide to the terms used to describe our products.