Why Paramount Die?

Paramount maintains over 1,000,000 finished standard/stock inserts in hundreds of diameter and angle options providing fast lead-times. Non-standard/non-stock diameters, approach angles, bearing lengths and different tolerance dies that are not part of our standard stock program are available upon request.

By eliminating the permanent steel casing wire drawing inserts reduce material and shipping costs by up to 120%, promote better heat transfer, and enable the use of more efficient and compact pressure systems.

Paramount Die’s ParaLoc pressure system has contributed greatly to increasing drawing speeds and improving productivity in the wire industry. Our drawing rates are up to 45% faster than standard dies.

Paramount Die serves the worldwide wire industry with more than 60% of our products being exported to over 50 countries.  We have a network of distributors located in all major wire markets and we are available to provide technical support and rapid delivery. 

Paramount Die’s ParaLoc Pressure Holders are designed to increase draw insert lubrication by enabling the drawing lubricant to pressurize during the drawing process. By improving lubrication, pressure dies improve wire drawing productivity by extending die life and enabling faster drawing speeds.

By producing several million wire dies per year, Paramount Die has the volume to justify utilization of highly efficient and highly automated production equipment. This enables us to provide our customers with premium quality wire drawing inserts at a competitive price point.