Pressure Inserts

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Pressure dies are used to increase lubrication on drawn wire to improve productivity and die life.

Pressure Inserts

Pressure dies utilize lubricant pressure to increase lubricant residuals on drawn wire. As wire enters the pressure die, lubricants are carried into a small pressure chamber where they are trapped. Extremely high pressures are created by both the continuous entry of lubricant as well as by thermal expansion. By improving lubrication, pressure dies improve wire drawing productivity by extending die life and enabling faster drawing speeds. Pressure dies also improve wire quality by reducing friction and decreasing drawing temperature.

Key Benefits:

  • Standard pressure inserts correspond with each draw insert type.
  • Available for use will all ParaLoc pressure system holders.
  • Range of sizes to accomodate all reductions, drafts, and pressure clearances.
  • Specially designed outside diameter back chamfer creates a seal with the ParaLoc holder base.

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